"My own style journey has taught me the power of simplicity and the importance of detail and craftsmanship"

David Beckham has curated a collection of timeless frames made from the very finest materials. His exacting taste and eye for detail have brought together an exceptional contemporary aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. The brand reflects David’s vision, with a constant dedication to quality.

Iconic Signature Details

The Talisman

The Talisman is the collection’s signature detail, adorning all our sunglasses and optical frames. It draws inspiration from the wings of a bird – a symbol of power, protection and freedom.

The Monogram

The DB monogram is a hallmark of unique quality and style. The initials are subtly engraved on the left lens of the sunglasses, using laser technology, and on the tips of all the frames.

The Temple Signatures

All our sunglasses and optical frames feature a chiseled metal wire core construction, most of the time visible inside the temples, and engraved with the collection’s signature logo.

Design Capsules

The Motorcycle

Inspired by David Beckham’s passion for motorcycles, these styles combine a modern, masculine aesthetic with functionality. Designed for a new generation of adventurers, looking for the most stylish yet comfortable accessories to complement their look for personal and business travels.

The Voyager

Inspired by travel daydreaming, this capsule of easy to wear yet undeniably cool clip-on is designed to satisfy the needs of everyday adventurers. As David spends a lot of time travelling around the world and he could not imagine it without a perfect pair of sunglasses, he really wanted the collection to have the must-have travelling accessory.

The Heritage

Every collection David looks for inspiration in the Safilo Archive, that embodies the history of eyewear and its iconic characters in order to introduce in the collections unique pieces that he reinterprets with the DB signature details.

The Special Lenses

Functional yet undeniably stylish frames with special lenses including polarized, photochromatic, orange tinted, mineral, and blue block ones. Created to have something unique in the market that satisfies the needs of everyone, making the sunglasses the must-have accessory. The orange tinted one represents a signature feature of the Motorcycle sunglasses that ensures crystal clear vision no matter the conditions, being stylish at the same time.

Designed in Italy

Created in collaboration with leading luxury eyewear manufactures Safilo in Italy, Eyewear by David Beckham finds its root in the finest materials, the highest attention to details, and the utmost quality of the Italian design.